Elsinore - Wooden Houses - Animated Music Video

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Wolf

I had been having some trouble developing the wolf character for the video. I did some sketches earlier on that I was too embarrassed by to post, and when you see some of these you'll understand how bad they must really have been.  Just like with the pig I started with the eyes and built out from there. I don't want to implement speech bubbles or intertitles yet I need to convey a lot of emotion with these creatures. One of the best options at my disposal is to use the eyes. I tried to come up with a simple yet expressive design for the eyes and had various levels of success (and failure):

various eye shapes.not too exciting. I made an accidental face in the upper left. I kind of like the bottom one. I guess I liked it at the time because I did quite a few iterations of it before dismissing it.

Here we have from left to right: a giraffe, a robot nun, an angry pony and a Noh mask. oops.

A few more eyes and the stars of my next project: "velociraptor and baboon start a small business"

and here I started to settle in on the eye design I liked. It should become apparent pretty quickly that I recently watched Grey Gardens (the HBO version. I still havent seen the original.)

Playing with the eye shape and still trying out a few other versions. In these last few, I really like the way the curve of the nose follows the curve of the eye and the curve of the face follows the curve of the nose. I also noticed I've started drawing the carnivorous wolf in furs and making her kind of the bad guy in this whole thing. I don't know about the anti-fur, pro-vegetarian/vegan bent this video is starting to take. KINZIE!!!!!!! I guess the anti-fur part is alright.

Putting the wolf in motion. one thing I was trying to do here is make it look as though the fur stole she is wearing is trailing behind her where a wolf's tail would be. I still like the idea of that, just as I like the idea of some curly wire sticking out of the back of the pig's suitcase or tool belt to take the place of a tail. I'll have to see if I can pul it off.

I did these in just a couple of minutes to show how expressive this two line eye design. I think it's going to work just fine.

I just got a new job answering customer service phone calls. over the course of training I have had a lot of time to do more sketches, but I didn't want to put too much into one post (though I may have done that anyway). More to come soon. This weekend I am going to be spending some time working on vector art versions of these characters so's I can start to animate them. I'll be putting those up as soon as they're ready.


  1. Hey, don't blame me, mister! I can't help it if you're coming over to the dark side on your own...

  2. PS I'm really digging the two line eye design. I think it's really sassy, which is perfect for the woman in fur who causes all the drama.