Elsinore - Wooden Houses - Animated Music Video

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Scene 1

I have finished the first scene of the video! Take a look:

 The close-up shot was particularly challenging. In order to get that effect I had to build the Pig's apartment in 3d within After Effects and then move a virtual camera around. I think the effect is worth the effort though. Making the pig turn around also took some time. Both processes were great learning experiences though.

I am now working on putting together an animatic of the whole video. Essentially an animatic is the storyboards made into a movie. I will be combining storyboards, finished elements and scribbled sketches into a video with the song. In doing so, I will identify any problems in the timing of the video as I have imagined it. I hope also to get a little more perspective regarding how to best spend my time.

I am now shooting for a late September release of the video during Pygmalion Music Festival. I know this will mean a lot of work and probably some very late nights, but I am ready to get this video finished.


  1. Very nice. Your doing some good work. As an animator myself, I know how long this stuff takes!