Elsinore - Wooden Houses - Animated Music Video

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Final Storyboards part 3 of 3

So when we last left the wolf she had just destroyed another house. She is now closing in on the pig.

So the wolf heads out into the country driving past, you guessed it, corn. I'm planning to have the background repeat severeal times, Hanna-Barbera style. I'm going to stick a billboard on the side of the road with the word yes featured prominently. That way, I can stick the album name into the video by having the background repeat three times.

When the cab pulls up to the house I'll be showing the taxi's hubcap. The idea here is that I will have a distorted reflection of the house visible in the reflection of the hubcap. the reflection will then undistort and expand to take up the whole frame.

The wolf will then walk into frame and up to the front door.

The wolf is knocking on the door. The pig looks through the peephole and hesitates. I'm not sure if this will be different shots, inside the house and outside the house or if I'll have the wall move back and forth throughout. Ultimately, the wolf will fall to her knees and bang on the door and the pig will finally open it and embrace her.

Now, this is obviously not a pig and a wolf. Nor is it something I made. This is from the "Yes Yes Yes" album cover. When the Pig and wolf finally come together I want to mirror its composition using the two characters.

Finally the two stand in the yard as the sun sets and the video fades to black. I may try to add some touches to make this look like a time lapse sequence.

Now, when I originally got a recording of the song the final line of the song "this is how hunger strikes begin" is repeated several times and the song ends. In the finished version there is a soft outro that goes for another 45 seconds after this. The way I had mapped out the story to the lyrics, the climax of the story logically comes at the end of the lyrics. I have been struggling to decide what to do with these 45 seconds for a long time now.

One thing I had thought of was doing a montage of scenes showing the reunited couple. I was thinking of doing them as quick illustrative slow motion vignettes a la the Watchmen intro. If you haven't seen it (the intro, that is) I'd recommend watching it. It is quite possibly the best part of the movie:

So one admittedly obvious idea I had was to show scenes of the pig and the wolf getting on with life together. Cooking together, moving her stuff in, etc... Now I'm leaning towards a series of vignettes that show the course of a lawsuit against the wolf by the owners of the houses she blew over. It would certainly be funnier, but it might be too far out from the rest of the video. ANy input would be appreciated.

My next project is to design the house.


  1. The video didn't work for me in Firefox, but it was just fine in Safari. But it works on your computer on Firefox so ... guess my computer just loses.

    I really like the idea of a montage of scenes. That intro from watchmen is glorious, and I think that style would really capture the relationship's path.

  2. I personally like the ending you currently have with the sun setting. Have you asked the band if they would mind cutting off or cutting down the 45 second fade? I think a montage at the end would be too much and doesnt leave anything to the viewer's imagination. thems my 2 cents anyways! the storyboard looks great. Looking forward to all the quirky details you add to the different scenes!

  3. What do you think the line "this is how hunger strikes begin" means? Especially with the context of the song and it's position at the end. I don't think hunger strikes begin after happy endings. So maybe you're outro clips could be some sadder consequences of the actions taken. That's how they do movies in Europe, right? Traditional American movies had happy endings and the new cinema said any other ending but happy is the way to go. Enigmatic, sad, mysterious... Anything but a moral.

  4. Wikipedia says: A hunger strike is a method of non-violent resistance or pressure in which participants fast as an act... to provoke feelings of guilt in others, usually with the objective to achieve a specific goal, such as a policy change.

    I think the song is saying that the relationship has gone so far south that the only way the first person is going to get anywhere is to turn to more drastic means of accomplishing the goal of reconciliation.

    I'm curious of your take and what you learned from Ryan Groff.

  5. I remember when I asked Ryan about it he was very vague and didn't want to impose his own intentions and preferred to let listeners make their own meanings.

    As for cutting down the end, that does seem like it would bring the video to a nice clean close. I haven't ruled it out, but the 45 second outro is part of the song so I feel that it should be part of the video.

    Thank you for the thoughts and suggestions. I'l have to ponder all of the possibilities. Dad, you mentioned the idea of "anything but a happy ending." I think to have a series of scenes depicting a lawsuit against the wolf and her ultimate ruin might be a funny way to show one possibility of after "happily ever after."

  6. Here's your alternate ending after it becomes very popular... The wolf can't get Mr. Pig to open the door. All he can do is sit with is back to it. Then the wolf gives up trying to blow it in and she also sits with her back to the door (outside). And that's how hunger strikes begin...