Elsinore - Wooden Houses - Animated Music Video

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Final Storyboards part 1 of 3

In an effort to better estimate everything that needs to be done on this video I have fully storyboarded the video. I'm going to break this up into three posts because I think it would be absurdly long as a single post. Anyway, the first few storyboards will look very familiar from my Backgrounds post, but they'll start to look new after that. Also, I made them all in grayscale so that the would look the way I expected them to when printed.

In the first shot we will see two pigs standing in front of the castle. As I mentioned before, I will most likely move the text from the frame to a sign in the foreground of the photo, so that it is not initially obvious that it is a photograph. The camera will zoom out and the hand will come into frame and lift the picture frame away.

Oh I got the pig's brother made. I originally planned for the two of them to look very similar but this is how he ended up:

He cracks me up every time. Anyway, back to the storyboards.

We then see the whole room. the pig sets a note down on the counter and exits

The pig closes his door and pauses for a moment to collect himself before leaving to the left.

This shot will start in the same way that the opening shot does. The text on the bill board will initially be the only visible object. Then, one window in the building on the left will light up. The rest of the windows will light up in sequence as indicated by the squiggly arrows. The rest of the scene will then fade into view.

Here the pig will leave his building and start down the sidewalk. He will encounter a pigeon. The two will stand off for a moment. the pig will eventually move out of the way letting the pigeon pass.

Further down the block, the pig will get into a cab.  Ideally I will time it out so that the entry of the cab is in sync with the fade in of the percussion at the beginning of the song, as though it is being heard from the car's radio.

 The cab will drive past different backgrounds. The first more urban, the second filled with "Mc Mansions".

Finally the pig will arrive at his house. The sun will set behind the house and the screen will fade to black.

In part 2 of the storyboards, the wolf sets out in search of the pig.


  1. I thought I should point out that Mr. Pig apparently has watches on both his hands, according to images 1B and 2A -- be careful when reversing the images!! Also, it would be pretty cool if you could faintly see the pig in the backseat of the taxi, through the darkened glass...

    Just realized -- I guess you're gonna have to design the pig from behind as well for when he's walking up the driveway. Also, I like the sold sign.

    You are brilliant.

  2. Thanks lady. I do realize these things. the characters and the taxi are meant only to be placeholders here, but I do need to be careful with it.

    As for designing the pig from the back. He should be easy to draw that way as I can use his front silhouette as an outline, but making him walk away from and towards the camera may be a little tricky.

  3. If you'll have time to add some odds and ends, how about a street sign that says "Harrison St."? Although I think that's a solo project song.

    The pig's brother needs a name!

    Everything looks great!