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Sunday, October 11, 2009


I went texture hunting today. I plan to use these as the textures for the characters' clothing. To get a better idea of the effect I want to go for take a look at the short video at the bottom of my previous post.

My sister is in town from D.C.. She came in as a surprise to our parents. As always on her visits she wanted to hit the thrift stores in town. I was planning a trip to the fabric store to take pictures of cloth but figured a thrift store would be just as good. As you will see in the slide show, the images are not terribly flat in many cases. I can see this causing problems, but it could also work well with the effect. At the very least it will make it more difficult to repeat the pattern. These'll be enough to get me started and if something's not workign I'll at least be at a point where I know specifically what I need. For the most part I wasn't taking these pictures with particular video elements in mind, just gathering patterns I found interesting. We'll see what I use.

I'm going to work on the wolf next and try to hone in on the character design.

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